Passing Driver Tackles Motorcyclist Being Chased by Cops As He's About to Jump Off Belt Parkway

A dramatic police chase ended when a suspect fleeing police by foot on a Brooklyn highway was tackled just as he was about to jump off an overpass, Chopper 4 over the scene captured exclusively.

Police began pursuing two speeding motorcyclists on the Belt Parkway during the evening rush hour, possibly starting at Cropsey Avenue off Belt Parkway in Bensonhurst.

Police dispatch recordings captured the officers' exchange during the chase: "I've got two wheels coming down, traveling westbound approaching Ocean Parkway." 

At around 68th Street on the Belt Parkway, in Bay Ridge, one of the motorcyclists bailed off his bike.

"They'll bail -- they're bailing off!" the police dispatch continues.

The biker began running through westbound traffic as cops followed him on foot, Chopper 4 shows. He jumped the divider and ran through eastbound traffic, heading straight for the concrete barrier to jump off the Bay Ridge Avenue overpass, video shows, likely a 30-foot drop.  

A man ran out of his stopped car, swiftly tackled the biker and brought him to the ground. Officers immediately swarm the suspect, one with his gun drawn.

The 35-year-old suspect was placed in a police SUV, Chopper 4 video shows, then taken away in an ambulance after he complained of injuries. He's now in the 68th Precinct stationhouse. 

The man who grabbed the suspect is a civilian, according to police. 

The other suspect fled and has not been caught. 

The incident backed up traffic on Belt Parkway during rush hour. Lenin Aviles was one of the people  caught in the backup.

"It happened instantly. We was in traffic for like three minutes, we didn't know what was going on, and next thing you know, guy drops his motorcycle and starts hopping over cars," said Aviles. 

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