Man Accused of Grabbing NYPD Officer's Badge, Pushing Another Cop Down Stairs

The man attacked the two officers during a trespassing call in the Bronx on Saturday

A New York City man has been accused of snatching one officer's badge off her uniform before pushing as second officer down the stairs, according to a criminal complaint.

Antonio Dos Santos, 26, was arrested Saturday on charges including assaulting a police officer, assault, trespassing and resisting arrest after the violent altercation inside a building on Decatur Avenue, in the Bronx's Norwood neighborhood.

According to a criminal complaint, police were called to the home after getting a trespassing call. When they arrived, Dos Santos refused to leave and wouldn't let the two officers handcuff him when they went to make an arrest.

Dos Santos then grabbed one officer's badge and scratched her chest with her hands, causing her to bleed, according to the complaint.

Dos Santos then allegedly pushed the other officer down a flight of stairs, causing him to break bones in his foot and ankle.

Both of the officers were treated for their injuries at a Bronx hospital, and Dos Santos was placed under arrest. He was arraigned on Sunday.

NBC 4 New York has reached out to an attorney for Dos Santos. 

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