Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Tenants complai n of infestation

Tenants of Spring Valley Commons are getting bitten – literally.

Some residents said bedbugs are infesting their apartments, causing them to spend thousands of dollars to fix or buy new furniture and, worst-case scenario, take their kids to the emergency room, according to

One woman who suffers from lupus thought her disease was just having more of an impact on her health, but it turned out that bed bugs were making her sick -- not that the doctors were able to tell her that was the problem. She found an insect on her one morning, lifted up her mattress and … yeah … it was gross.

Apparently tenants in 16 apartments in the complex reported problems, but building management didn’t do enough to warn other residents about the bedbug problem.

The cause of the investigation isn’t clear, but if you want to avoid having bedbugs in your house, make sure you plug up all holes around pipes and wires, limit clutter in your rooms, and, of course, do the laundry on a regular basis.

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