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‘Don't Block the Box' Coming Back to 50 Key NYC Intersections

"Don't Block the Box" is back, part of an effort to reduce traffic congestion around New York City. 

Called "Clear Intersections," the program will have block-the-box violations "aggressively enforced" at 50 key crossings in the five boroughs, the mayor's office said in a statement Monday.

The NYPD will hire an additional 50 cops to deal with intersection violations. Violators face minimum fines of $115 and points on their license. 

This is a map of the 50 intersections, with a full list below:


1. Broadway and West 57th Street

2. Dyer Avenue and West 41th Street

3. Fort Washington Avenue and West 165th Street

4. Third Avenue and East 36th Street

5. Broadway and Spring Street

6. Delancey Street and Bowery

7. Delancey and Allen streets

8. Ninth Avenue and West 207th Street

9. 10th Avenue and West 40th Street

10. West Side Highway / 12th Avenue and West 51st Street

11. Broadway and Canal Street

12. Canal and Centre streets

13. Delancey and Essex streets

14. Hudson Street and Beach Street/Ericsson Place

15. Third Avenue and East 57th Street

16. Third Avenue and East 58th Street

17. Third Avenue and East 59th Street

18. Third Avenue and East 35th Street

19. Third Avenue and Watts Street

20. 10th Avenue and West 41th Street

21. Broadway and Broome Street

22. Broadway and Chambers Street

23. Broadway and West 66th Street

24. Amsterdam Avenue and West 181th Street

25. Canal Street and West Broadway

26. Hudson and Laight streets

27. Hudson and Vestry streets


28. Queens Boulevard and Skillman Avenue

29. Northern and Queens boulevards

30. Queens Boulevard and Roosevelt Avenue

31. Astoria Boulevard and 31st Street

32. 21st Street and 49th Avenue

33. Laurel Hill Boulevard and 65th Place

34. Queens Midtown Expressway *N S/R and Grand Avenue

35. Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue

36. 71st Avenue and Austin Street

37. 37st Avenue and 138rd Street

38. Metropolitan Avenue and 60th Street

39. Queens Plaza South (SR) and 28th Street

The Bronx

40. 135 Street and Third Avenue


41. Flatbush Avenue and Eighth Avenue

42. Atlantic and Pennsylvania avenues

43. 86th Street and Seventh Avenue

44. Tillary and Jay streets

45. Flatbush and Myrtle avenues

Staten Island

46. College of Staten Island and Victory Boulevard

47. Narrows Road South and Hylan Boulevard westbound at Steuben Street

48. Narrows Road South and Hylan Boulevard

49. Narrows Road South and Fingerboard Road

50. Narrows Road North and Fingerboard Road

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