Domino's Employees Go Rogue, New Yorkers React

Sometime last Tuesday night, Consumerist posted a video of two Domino's workers carrying out a series of unmentionable acts on various ingredients and cleaning items found in the popular pizza chain's kitchen. Oh alright, I'll mention some of them.

First, the "chef" was filmed sticking bits of cheese up his nose and placing it back on a salami sandwich, but not before farting on the rather helpless slice of deli meat. He also sneezed on a sandwich, wiped his backside with a sponge, and ... you get the idea.

The site's readers then went to work, sleuthing it out to identify the store at the center of the filth, and, they hoped, get the employees guilty of the aforementioned acts fired! It took only a matter of time before, well, mission accomplished. The store was identified, Domino's corporate officers were contacted and the workers promptly fired.

Domino's VP of Communications Tim McIntyre fired off a few heartfelt e-mails about how they "don’t have the words to say how repulsed [they are]" and "these two individuals do not represent that 125,000 people in 60 countries who work hard every day to make good food and provide great customer service."

And while some might embrace the knee-jerk reaction that they'll never order out again, others believe that it's just the disgusting work of two rogue (and now former) employees.

"Obviously the video was gross beyond belief," said Doug Serton, 27, an executive recruiter in Astoria, "but you have to believe that's an isolated incident. I'll probably think twice about ordering from Dominos the next time around, but my experience with them in New York has been nothing but top notch."

Andy Poes, an interactive designer in the city from Stamford, Conn., disagrees. "Where was the manager on duty?" he asked, adding it "makes you realize how neglected any Domino's franchise could be." But that might be something to look over for the hoards of Domino's pizza lovers from around the city. Sometimes, as they know oh-so-well, that urge is just too strong.

For Doug, it's most certainly an excusable offense. "I don't think it will cause me to not call them when I have the crave."

To view the video, simply click play below. And please, don't fire up our comments saying we didn't warn you. You have been warned! For more links to a handful of other videos by the same employees, visit BuzzFeed.

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