Trash Bag Filled With Dogs Set on Fire: ASPCA

A group of men lit a garbage bag filled with four dogs on fire, left it to burn near a Dumpster in Brooklyn, then fled in a vehicle, authorities and neighbors said.

Workers at a beverage distribution warehouse on East 91st Street in Canarsie made the grisly discovery early Saturday morning, finding what looked like an adult pit bull and three puppies inside the burnt garbage bag. 

"Why do this? There are plenty of places to take a dog in this area," said Sammy Omar, one of the workers who was upset after seeing the dogs' remains.

A surveillance camera at the warehouse recorded the scene, showing a group up men pulling up in a minivan, taking the bag with the dogs out and then starting a small fire. After the fire grows, the group drives away.

The ASPCA said it was notified by the NYPD and is investigating.

"I hope someone sees this and comes forward," said Omar. 

The dogs' bodies are currently being examined. It's not clear if they were dead or alive when the fire started. 

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