Dog Snatched Outside Brooklyn Market Returned

The small dog snatched outside a Brooklyn market early Sunday has been returned to its caregiver. 

The Pomeranian named Suki was stolen while he waited outside Khim's Millennium Market at Driggs Avenue and N. 11th Street in Williamsburg around 4 a.m., Gothamist first reported.

Surveillance footage showed a blonde woman grabbing the dog and taking off in a Honda. The woman was a customer at the market but paid in cash, so she didn't leave any identifying information behind. 

After NBC 4 New York broadcast the images of the lost dog, Gail Tweedy, a spokeswoman for Suki's dogsitter -- who was looking after the dog while the owner was on vacation -- emailed NBC 4 New York Monday night, writing: "Thanks to Channel 4, he was returned tonight. We got a call about an hour ago that someone was going to be an intermediary and the woman who took the dog did so by mistake."

No further details were offered. 

Tweedy said the dog was returned to the sitter at about 10 p.m. Monday. The owner of the 7-year-old pooch is vacationing in Greece. 

The friend who was dogsitting had gone into the market to buy chocolate and left the dog tied up outside the market, only to return and find it gone, Gothamist reported. 

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