New York City

Dog Shot After Charging NYPD Cop Responding to ‘Vicious Animal' Call in Queens, Police Say

No humans were hurt; the condition of the shot dog wasn't immediately known

A dog was shot after charging an NYPD officer who, along with another cop, responded to a 911 call about a vicious animal in Queens early Thursday, authorities say. 

The two cops initially saw two pit pulls when they pulled up to the scene in Rosedale before 7 a.m. One of the dogs lunged at one of the cops, and that cop fired a single round, striking the animal in the leg, officials say. 

The shot dog sat down and the other dog ran off, but was later apprehended, police say. Both animals were taken into custody and were headed to animal control. Authorities say the owners of the dogs have yet to be identified. 

There was no immediate update on the extent of the shot dog's injuries. The police officers were not hurt, nor was any other human, and no property damage was reported. 

Chopper 4 over the scene showed a heavy emergency presence, with nearly a dozen official vehicles cordoning off a still snowy residential block in the neighborhood as authorities investigated.

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