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Judge: LI Mom Endangered Child with Dog Euthanasia

NY Judge: Don't Let Kid See Dog Euthanasia



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    A New York woman has been convicted of child endangerment charges for allowing a 10-year-old to witness a dog being euthanized.

    She was exonerated of animal cruelty charges in the same case.
    Suffolk County Court Judge James Hudson made the findings after a two-week trial Thursday.
    Hudson said Mona Kanciper was justified in euthanizing the dog in question, and two others.
    However, he said starting the euthanasia process in front of a 10-year-old was "egregious.''
    Separately, he also ruled there was insufficient evidence Kanciper knew that a horse was being put down at the Manorville, Long Island, farm, when she sent the girl to an area where it was happening.
    Kanciper faces up to one year in jail on the endangerment charge.
    She will be sentenced Dec. 13.