Dog Rescued from Ice in NJ River

Firefighters rescued a dog clinging to ice in a New Jersey river, and authorities say the pup is in good condition.

Witnesses said the dog, a Labrador/Rottweiler mix, had fallen through the ice and was in the Raritan River in Bridgewater for 30 minutes before help arrived Wednesday night.
North Branch fire officials said the pooch was clinging to the edge of the thin ice about 40 feet into the river, in a 6 foot pool of water when firefighters found it.
The dog "was in great distress" when it was found, officials said.
To reach the animal, two firefighters were tethered together and turned ladders on their sides across the frozen river to distribute their weight. They were able to get within 4 feet of the dog and then grab it and put it into a basket to bring it back to shore.
The pup was suffering from hypothermia when it was rescued, but was taken to a veterinary hospital, where it was warmed up. Authorities say it's now in good condition.
The dog didn't have a collar. But a microchip helped officials identify its owner, and it will be reunited with its family.
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