Firefighters Rescue Dog Struggling in Hudson River

A German shepherd caught in an ebb tide in the Hudson River was rescued by marine firefighters Friday before it was swept into the New York Harbor.

The dog, Hassie, was pulled from the freezing waters near the Edgewater marina after he broke free from his leash and chased geese into the river.

Firefighters from the North Hudson Fire and Rescue Department heard the call about a dog in distress and jumped into their boat, according to training director Keith Gonyou.

After they spotted the dog, it started paddling to them. Gonyou says he and a firefighter were able to grab Hassie by the collar and pull him on board.

"He was shaking like a leaf, poor teeth were chattering," said Gonyou.

They wrapped him in blankets and a life vest, and with an escort of a New Jersey State Police marine unit that had joined the search, docked at the marina.

The owner soon showed up was reunited with Hassie. 

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