Artist Launches “Dog Poop Project” to Remind Owners to Clean Up

An artist annoyed by dog poop littering city streets has come up with a creative way to encourage his neighbors in Queens to clean up after his dogs.

Jang Cho, a graphic designer at an advertising agency in Manhattan, created the “Dog Poop Project” where he stencils an image of a toilet with the words "No Poop" around piles he finds on the sidewalk.
“Every day I see poop, everywhere I look,” Cho told NBC 4 New York.  
Cho uses temporary spray chalk to create the images.
He has also photographed the droppings and created "Found" flyers that he posts around the neighborhood.  

"If it's yours, please call or email me," the flyer says, mimicking more earnest lost-and-found posters.
“I’ve taken over 100 photos so far,” Cho said.
The majority of his work has been focused in Queens, but he has plans to expand his project to other areas of the city. 
“I’m going to Brooklyn next. I’ve been getting lots of calls,” Cho said. 
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