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Dog Lost in Manhattan Found Seven Days Later in Queens, Thanks to Helpful New Yorkers

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Traveling from Manhattan to Queens is a quick trip by subway or cab, but it takes a lot longer to travel by foot --- especially for a dog.

Heather Angus's dog, Indy, went missing last Tuesday after she ran away from her dogsitter in the Upper West Side. Thanks to the help of watchful New Yorkers, the rescue dog from India was found in Long Island City a week later. No one imagined the canine would end up in another borough, except Angus.

"I knew if a dog could do it, it would be be lost from the Upper West Side at 6:30, end up in Long Island City by 8 p.m.," Angus told NBC New York.

The nurse said she pulled out all the stops to find Indy, and several people told her they had seen her dog before she was eventually found in a LIC warehouse.

"All the people that reported it said, I've never seen a dog run so fast," the frontline worker recalled. Angus says a Bridge and Tunnel officer called her and said they tried to stop a dog from running through the tunnel, thinking it could have been Indy.

Angus later got another call from a warehouse worker who said he went to back of the warehouse and spotted a dog. "Then he went to lunch and he saw the flier with the phone number, and that's how he knew that this was the lost dog," she said.

Indy's seven-day odyssey will remain a mystery, but Angus is just thankful she has been reunited with her pet.

"It was just the most hopeless, helpless feeling in the world, not knowing where in the world your dog could be," Angus added.

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