Officials Examine Horses of Cowboy Who Caused Traffic Jam on NYC Bridge

What to Know

  • The Staten Island district attorney is looking into the health of the horses that the so-called Outerbridge Cowboy rode across the bridge
  • Sores were found on the horses after Doc Mishler rode them across the Outerbridge Crossing Monday, causing a traffic jam
  • Mishler, who rides the horses to raise awareness about childhood hunger, says he welcomes authorities to check out his animals

Officials are investigating the horses of the so-called Outerbridge Cowboy who caused a traffic jam while trotting across a New York City bridge Monday. 

Doc Mishler, 80, of Ulster County, caused a traffic jam on the Outerbridge Crossing when he rode a horse across the bridge with another, unmounted horse, part of an effort to raise awareness about childhood hunger. He was issued two summonses.

Officials became concerned about the horses after finding sores on them, possible saddle sores from carrying heavy gear without being properly saddled, according to sources. 

The Staten Island district attorney's office said staffers, along with NYPD, met with Mishler on Tuesday and he signed a waiver allowing his horses to be treated by a parks department veterinarian at a Staten Island facility.

Mishler said his horses, named Charity 2 and Hope 2, are completely healthy.

"I know my horses are in great shape," he told NBC 4 New York Wednesday. "If you don't take care of your horses, they ain't going to go anywhere." 

"I don't mind at all, they've gotta do what they've gotta do," he said of officials investigating his horses. 

Mishler does horse rides across the country to raise awareness about childhood hunger, according to his website. 

"It's about letting people know that it's not the way that's lacking, it's the will," he told NBC 4 New York Wednesday. "We could feed every starving child in the world." 

It appears that Mishler is the cowboy who travels the country on horseback to raise awareness of childhood hunger.   

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