Do You Really Need God in Your Life?

New ad campaign is coming to the subways

New York City subway riders believe in a lot of things.
They believe the trains will be packed at rush hour. They believe an express could save them a few minutes, compared to a local.
And they believe advertisements are part of their ride.

Even ads about belief itself.

That kind of acceptance is what a group called the Big Apple Coalition of Reason is banking on.

The coalition, which is a collection of atheist groups, says it wants to promote the idea that non-believers are just as capable of kindness and good deeds as religious people.
"We're saying these are good, ethical people," Coalition of Reason spokesman Michael DeDora told NBC New York. "They are atheists, but it's much more than that."
The posters, which say "A Million New Yorkers Are Good Without God -- Are You?" -- will appear in about a dozen subway stations starting next week. The campaign cost $20,000, paid for by an anonymous donor.

The MTA says as long as advertising doesn't contain nudity or four-letter words, it's protected by free speech.

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