Brooklyn Mo-ped Gangs Go Hard

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Brooklyn gang alert! Keep your kids close, your hunnies closer and don't wear...your mo-ped helmet? The Orphans are a Brooklyn Mo-ped gang based out of Greenpoint, and are based out of a shop that specializes in fixing the broken bikes. [Wired]

last night we introduced you to esteemed mayoral candidate Michael Bloomberg. Tonight, it's Kenny R. Burck, better known to the world as the Naked Cowboy. [The New Yorker]

Bloomdawg also showed how hilariously uncool he is with this quote, "Our understanding after talking with 50 Cents [sic] is he has no plans to perform whatsoever." Ahhhh, Dad. Stick with the trolleys. [NY Post]

Behold the story of a WNBC4 New York freelance spot reporter's quest from "bodies in dumpsters" to the top of Blip.TV, a successful platform for videobloggers based in New York. [Observer]

Got an annoying husband? Blog about it! One woman set the groundwork at My Husband is Annoying. [Gothamist]

Stop reading now if you hate Billy Joel media puns. OK, Billy Joel is moooovin' out of two of his three Hamptons homes. He's got just one more! [Curbed]

A 38-year old experienced bicyclist who had volunteered for Transportation Alternatives (Volunteer of the Month in 1998) was hit and killed by a car at 69th street on Friday as he crossed Queens Boulevard. A friend remembers. [Streetsblog]

There's a new Brooklyn food blog on the streets called Mangia Vita (means Eat Life), so DUMBO restaurateurs...keep your heads up. You're being watched! [McBrooklyn]

Red Hook Trolleys might get their legs back, with Mayor Bloomberg (the also-ran in the Naked Cowboy's upcoming mayoral race) supporting the idea. People are excited! [Brownstoner]

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