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At Least 4 Cameras Record NYC Boy Park Attack — and No One Is Seen Trying to Help

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At least four cameras captured a chaotic scene at a New York City park play out, as a 14-year-old was held at gunpoint and punched during a violent robbery.

The weekend attack occurred in Brooklyn Bridge Park during the evening of June 4 near Pier Two, a popular spot for basketball and other sports. Video footage showed the group crowd around the victim, who was pushed to the ground and punched.

As he is on the ground in the tree-lined area, behind some large rocks, a suspect can be seen on camera pointing a gun at the teen's head. The victim was robbed of his phone, debit card, ID card — even his hat and sneakers.

With all the video recordings, not one person is seen stepping in to help the boy, who later refused medical attention. Police believe that at least some of the members of the group are believed to have known the young victim.

The news of the violent and scary robbery left some in the area shaken, and adding to that concern is that it wasn't the only recent attack. NBC New York has learned there were two others on Tuesday night.

One victim said by phone that the same men seen in the video jumped out of the bushes at him. One displayed a handgun and robbed him of his cellphone and $700.

Some are now reconsidering coming to the park alone at all.

No arrests have yet been made, and an investigation is ongoing.

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