Disgruntled Ex Posts Ad for Hit Man Online

Sometimes people do stupid things. Posting an ad seeking a hit man to attack your ex-girlfriend is one of them, especially if you put your contact information at the bottom.

Newsflash: Cops surf the Internet, too.

Karim Emara apparently didn’t think twice, however. Emara posted an online personal offering $5,000 to the person who would assault his ex, police said. Not only did he want her hurt, the New Jersey man was specific about what he wanted done.

The ad called for an individual who would hit the woman in the knee with a blunt object – possibly a baseball bat – and permanently scar her face – possibly by cutting her, according to law-enforcement authorities.

Cops arrested Emara Wednesday night when he showed up at a prearranged location to give the hired brute his ex-girlfriend’s name, address and photograph. The AT&T computer programmer was charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault. 

Emara was being held on $250,000 bail at the Bergen County Jail. His arraignment was scheduled for Thursday morning.

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