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Someone Has Allegedly Been Hurling Dirty Diapers From NYCHA Building on the Lower East Side

What to Know

  • Residents of a NYCHA building in the Lower East Side have allegedly found themselves in a stinky situation
  • Soiled diapers have been thrown on the canopy and sidewalk of the Seward Park Extensian building, according to NYCHA
  • Due to safety precautions, NYCHA secured a vendor to assist with the cleanup of the overhead canopy

Someone has allegedly been throwing dirty diapers from windows of a public housing complex on Essex Street on the Lower East Side. 

Soiled diapers and trash have been thrown out of windows for months, falling on the canopy and sidewalk of the Seward Park Extension building, according to NYCHA. Because of these incidents, NYCHA is regularly cleaning all garbage and debris in and around the development.

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"It's disgusting," resident Robin Stucker said, to which fellow resident Shawn Stucker adds: "Sometimes the diapers come down and almost hit you."

Though by Monday, no trash or diapers were on the awning, two construction workers working across the street from the building confirmed to News 4 New York seeing the diapers and other trash in the past.

However, News 4 New York did find what appeared to be a dirty diaper on a windowsill Monday afternoon.

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"It makes people feel bad — they have to step over all kinds of junk and everything," resident Eileen Stucker said.

In a statement to News 4, NYCHA says: “Keeping NYCHA developments clean is a partnership between our residents and our staff. We've already mailed residents and posted flyers throughout this development reinforcing proper garbage disposal methods and will continue to work to keep all canopies clean and clear. Anyone who witnesses this behavior should immediately contact NYCHA by using the MyNychaApp or by calling the CCC at 718-707-7771."

Due to safety precautions, NYCHA secured a vendor to assist with the cleanup of the overhead canopy.

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