New Jersey

New York City Commuters Still Facing Traffic Troubles After Storm

Getting around New York City and beyond seems harder now than it did in the midst of Tuesday’s winter storm, according to commuters.

Frustrated drivers agree traffic has gotten worse since the nor’easter. Commuters believe it’s the large piles of snow that are to blame for the traffic headaches.

“It took us about two hours to get here from Brooklyn,” Joe Ricupero said about his commute. “It’s the snow. People don’t know how to drive.”

The slushy, icy commute is slowing traffic way down.

“We left our house at 9:30,” Lake Lohani of Montvale, New Jersey said. “We got into the office at 12 o’clock.”

The Department of Sanitation says it’s working all hours of the day to clear streets in time for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

“It’s a river out there,” Megan Manahan of Astoria said.

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