Plane Blows Tire While Landing at LGA

A Delta plane blew a tire while landing on the runway at LaGuardia Airport Monday afternoon, but no one was hurt, officials say.

A Delta spokesman says flight 2143 from Tampa was landing at LaGuardia when a tire deflated. It taxied off the runway and then continued onto its terminal where customers "deplaned normally."

But passengers on the plane complained on social media they were being held inside the plane during the tire change. One woman tweeted the airline, saying she was "trapped on the runway with a 2-year-old. Next time let us deplane before tire change!"

She said it took an hour to change the tire. The plane was "slowly coasting in now." 

Another passenger tweeted the airline: "When stuck on plane at LGA after blowing tire, you should update passengers with timing on changing it." 

None of the 110 passengers or five crew members on the Boeing 717 was hurt, Delta says. The company said it had no impact on Delta flights or operations at LaGuardia. 

However, Delta says on Twitter that air traffic control was delaying its flights into and out of New York, causing departures to back up. was reporting increasing delays at the airport Monday evening. The cause of those delays may be weather-related. 

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