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Morning Rail Mess Continues Thursday Evening With NJ Transit, LIRR Delays

What to Know

  • A broken rail in Queens caused delays and cancellations for LIRR riders throughout the day Thursday
  • Meanwhile, wire problems in a Hudson River tunnel caused delays for NJ Transit commuters Thursday evening
  • Earlier in the day, a power failure proved problematic for commuters on Metro North's New Haven line

Thursday's messy morning for commuters continued into the evening as delays piled up on New Jersey Transit and Long Island Rail Road amid power problems in a Hudson River tunnel and continuing repairs to a broken rail in Queens. 

NJ Transit service in and out of Penn Station was delayed by 45 minutes as the evening rush kicked off due to Amtrak overhead wire problems in a Hudson River tunnel. Amtrak said around 4 p.m. that it was no longer single-tracking trains, but that delays would continue for about an hour. 

Meanwhile, there were cancellations and delays averaging about 45 minutes for LIRR riders because of a broken rail in Queens Village. MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said around 4 p.m. that the broken rail had been fixed following a day of repairs. 

On Thursday morning, the broken rail mucked up the commute for LIRR riders heading to work. Also on Thursday morning, a power failure scrambled service for commuters on Metro North's New Haven line. 

The LIRR said earlier Thursday that riders should expect delays and cancellations throughout the day because of the broken rail. The agency said it was operating on only one of two main line tracks due to the rail issue. Trains on the Babylon, Port Jefferson and Ronkonkoma branches have been affected.

The train delays come on the same day as drivers expected delays on part of the Newark Bay Extension Bridge because of emergency construction. 

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