Deer With Arrow Through Head Seen Roaming in New Jersey

Environmental officials in New Jersey are looking for a deer that has been spotted with an arrow sticking through its head.

The state Department of Environmental Protection is looking to tranquilize the animal and remove the arrow.

Susan Darrah has spied the deer several times on her nearly 10-acre farm in Rockaway Township and snapped photos of the animal on Wednesday. She says that, for now at least, it won't starve. She has put out corn in her backyard for the deer, and a pear tree is ripe with fruit right now. 

"He's eating, he loves the pears," she said. 

Joe Orlando, who has shot more than 300 deer over the years, with bow and arrow as well as guns, says whoever shot the deer acted recklessly. 

"Knowing shot placement, knowing ethics, this was just irresponsible," he said. 

The deer's best hope, if it isn't caught, is for the arrow to break while the animal passes a tree.

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