Animal Activists Press NJ Officials to Tranquilize Deer With Arrow Lodged in Nose

Animal rights activists say they're ready to take matters into their own hands after New Jersey Fish and Wildlife officers failed for six months to tranquilize a deer that has an arrow lodged just above its nose.

Residents in the Marlboro neighborhood first noticed the deer last December and called the state.

Fish and Wildlife spokesman Larry Hajna said officers were unable to get a clean shot at the deer and now have decided to wait as they believe the doe may be pregnant and are concerned the tranquilizer drug could cause issues with her pregnancy.

But Stuart Chaifetz of the organization Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) said the doe is being tortured by having to survive with the arrow protruding from her face.

"There could be potential problems, could get caught on something, could possibly get infected," added Janine Motta of the Animal Protection League.

Chaifetz said he's ready to hire an outside expert to track down the deer and rove the arrow.

But the DEP's Hajna warned that it is illegal to tranquilize a deer without a permit.

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