Deaf Woman Wants Stolen Dog Back

Burglars target Ozone Park home, pilfer precious pet

A deaf New York woman is pleading for the return of her stolen Yorkshire terrier.

Aspiring pastry chef Desire Langert said the dog, named Pinky, understands sign language commands. Langert said that when she signs a color, Pinky knows which color ball to bring her.

Pinky has been missing since last month when thieves broke into the Ozone Park home she shares with her father, Henry. They took her computers, a special TV for the deaf, and a diamond wedding ring that belonged to Langert's late grandmother. But all they care about is Pinky.

"I remember ... to check on Pinky, and I couldn't find her," Henry Langert said. "She came home and that was it. She broke down and almost fainted."

The family has plastered the neighborhood with fliers offering a $1,000 reward, no questions asked.

"They can keep everything else they took, but just bring the dog back," Henry Langert said. "Everything else can be replaced."

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