De Blasio Used Security Detail to Shuttle Son to Yale: Sources

The mayor's office said the NYPD ordered the security, not De Blasio

Mayor Bill de Blasio's security detail was used on multiple occasions to drive his son Dante to college at Yale, even in cases where the mayor was not present, a law enforcement source familiar with the matter told News 4.

The source said the mayor's NYPD security detail took Dante to Yale "numerous" times when he was enrolled. The source also indicated there was no specific threat to Dante de Blasio at the time of some of those trips.

The Daily News first reported the matter on Monday. The paper also suggested an investigation was underway to find out who "leaked" details of Dante de Blasio's travel.

De Blasio's deputy press secretary took to Twitter to blast the Daily News story.

"This is false. The Mayor didn’t order protection, NYPD did. End of story," Olivia Lapeyrolerie wrote.

Lapeyrolerie later added that Dante had a security detail assigned to him, and threats against Dante were a precipating for the detail in the first place.

"The Mayor did not order a security detail for Dante. The NYPD determines the security needs of the First Family. There were credible threats against Dante earlier in the Administration, and the NYPD took the steps necessary to ensure his safety," Lapeyrolerie said.

The city's Department of Investigation confirmed it was aware of the matter but declined further comment, other than to say the department was not conducting a leak investigation.

The city's Conflict of Interest Board also declined comment, citing confidentiality laws. 

The NYPD did not immediately respond to requests for comment. 

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