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School Bus Caught on Camera Running Red Light, Driving on Wrong Side of Road in NJ

Dominic Lombardo, who captured the scene on camera, called the maneuvers "insane"

Dashcam video recorded in New Jersey appears to show a school bus cross into a lane of oncoming traffic and blow through a red light. 

The wild maneuvers were captured on camera Thursday morning in Jersey City near Hoboken, according to Dominick Lombardo, who posted the video on social media. 

"A school bus drives on my left down a large hill on the wrong side of the road. The bus then passes my left on wrong side and runs the red light I'm stopped at while cutting into the traffic at light," Lombardo captioned the video on Instagram. "The school bus then MAKES THE CRAZIEST DECISION to go into the wrong lane again and run another light."

The footage shows the bus pass Lombardo's car, along with several other stopped vehicles, before running a red light on the wrong side of the road. The bus continues in the opposite lane of travel and crosses railroad tracks as the footage ends. 

"It was insane, completely insane," Lombardo said. 

It's not clear if any students were aboard the bus at the time, or whether authorities are aware of the video. 

"I have two boys, and if somebody told me they saw a bus do that, I'd be a real concern for that city," Lombardo said. "I would say this person has got to be removed."

NBC 4 New York has reached out to the Jersey City Police Department seeking comment. 

The company thought to own the bus told NBC 4 New York it is investigating the video. 

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