Extreme Heat Warnings Issued as Tri-State Braces for Soupy, Hot Weekend

Thought the last few days were hot? Storm Team 4 said that conditions this weekend will be downright dangerous. 

The National Weather Service issued excessive heat warnings for New York City and the surrounding areas through Sunday as heat and humidity combine to make the Big Apple feel like parts of the Deep South. 

Highs are expected to climb up into the mid 90s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but Storm Team 4 said. The heat index will sizzle up into the mid-to-upper 100s.

The heat, combined with ample sunshine, could make for a dangerous conditions for the elderly, young children, those with chronic conditions and people who work outside. 

The excessive heat warning is the first the city has seen since 2013. That year, the National Weather Service issued the warnings twice, on July 7 and from July 18 to 19. If the heat and humidity continue to oppress the region through the weekend, it'll be the longest streak of such unbearable weather in more than three years.

The heat will be accompanied by the threat of scattered showers each afternoon.

The unbearable conditions could be made even worse if power grids buckle under the heavy use of electricity. ConEdison is urging customers to conserve power, and at as many as 274 tenants at an apartmetn on Long Island have been without power for more than a day. PSEG said that the outage was caused by a trainsformer failure due to the extreme heat and that crews are working to fix the issue. 

The heat will come down slightly at the start of the next workweek, but Storm Team 4 said that it could be next weekend before high temperatures drop back down near seasonal averages. 

A list of the city's cooling stations is available on the emergency management website here

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