VIDEO: Dancing Shoplifter Arrested

26-year-old was arrested Friday for his Oct. 1 theft.

A 26-year-old man dubbed the "Dancing Shoplifter" has been arrested in New Jersey, police said Friday.

The man, identified as Anthony DiVietro, of Stratford, had been captured on surveillance video, dancing as he checks out clothing during an attempted shoplifting trip at K-Mart.

The Gloucester Township Police Department posted the video of the would-be shoplifter on its YouTube page last month, hoping the public could help identify the man.

The video was viewed about 3,700 times in the 12-hour period after the police department posted it on its Facebook page.

Aided by many civilian tips, the police identified DiVietro as the suspect and arrested him Friday. He was released on his own recognizance.

DiVietro allegedly attempted to shoplift two women's dresses from a K-Mart store on Blackwood Clementon Road, according to police. He is seen on the video rifling through clothing when he suddenly breaks out in a dance.

Later in the video, he's seen being confronted by store security. That's when he throws his stolen merchandise on the ground and runs out the front doors.

Gloucester Township Police have been heavily engaging social media in their attempts to solve open investigations, maintaining Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. The department has more than 48,770 upload videos on its YouTube channel and more than 7,000 subscribers on Facebook.

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