Dad Who Left Son to Die Following Botched Shoplifting Is Convicted of Murder

Christopher Kuhn, 28, of Hamilton Township, New Jersey, was convicted of third degree murder.

A verdict was reached Wednesday in the trial of a New Jersey father who left his son to die on the road following a petty theft and then a crash as he fled the scene.

Christopher Kuhn, 28, of Hamilton Township, New Jersey, was convicted of third degree murder.

On October 3, 2017, Kuhn was inside the Walmart store at the Levittown Town Center in Tullytown, Pennsylvania when he placed a $228 sound bar into his cart and then left the store without paying.

Security personnel tried to stop Kuhn -- who had his son, Qadan Trievel, in the cart -- but he told them, "you can't hold me here" as he grabbed his son in his arms. Security called Tullytown police as Kuhn walked out.

Kuhn, driving on a suspended New Jersey license, drove away in his Jeep with his 2-year-old son inside before officers arrived. A witness told police Kuhn had let the boy climb into the SUV while he covered its license plate with a sweatshirt. The witness also said the boy climbed into the rear driver's side of the Jeep but Kuhn never secured Qadan into a child safety seat.

Despite not being chased, Kuhn ran a red light on Route 13 and crashed into two vehicles, including an SUV that had the right of way. The impact caused the SUV to roll over several times and the boy was thrown from the vehicle onto the roadway. Police said Kuhn stepped over his son's body and ran away on foot after the crash. At one point he paused to look at his son on the roadway before fleeing.

Christopher Kuhn, 27, is charged with third degree murder, homicide by vehicle and a number of other crimes in the death of his 2-year-old son, Qadan. The boy died on Oct. 3, 2017.

Police later apprehended Kuhn a short distance away from the crash in a wooded area. Other responding officers performed CPR on Qadan. The boy was taken to Lower Bucks Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

During his preliminary hearing, officers testified that Kuhn refused to give them Qadan's name as they worked to save the boy's life. The father cried quietly, with his head in his chest, as testimony carried on.

Toxicology results later showed Kuhn was high on oxycodone and marijuana when the theft and crash happened. The test results led prosecutors to add driving under the influence charges to the case.

Qadan's mother described Kuhn as a "disgusting human being," who abused her for years when they were in a relationship.

Kuhn remains behind bars on $5 million bail.

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