Cupcake ATMs Coming to Manhattan

Late-night sugar addicts salivated over the idea, but others fear they're doomed.

A dieting New Yorker's nightmare will soon be reality. Cupcake ATMs are coming to a street corner near you.

Manhattan bakery Sprinkles Cupcakes plans to roll out three 24-hour cupcake ATMs in the city this year, reports the Daily News. The dispensers are actually called "automats," but they closely resemble the machines that spit out cash.

Though the exact locations of the crave-intensifying creations are unknown at this point, the bakery plans to set them up in midtown, downtown and the Upper West Side.

The company says the cupcakes will be restocked constantly with flavors of the day and a few hundred delectable desserts will be in each ATM at a given time. Pricing wasn't immediately clear.

Late-night sugar addicts salivated over the idea.

“Oh, yes. Oh, yes, I’d use it," Queens resident Genice Hale told the News. "New Yorkers don’t like to wait, especially if a sweet tooth strikes."

But whenever that sweet tooth strikes, some New Yorkers don't think having the option to satisfy it is the best idea.

Sloan De Forest called it downright dangerous.

“If I get a cupcake craving at midnight, I’m not sure I want the ability to act," De Forest told the News. "It’s hard enough to keep it a rare indulgence already."

A pink prototype of the cupcake ATM is already installed outside Sprinkles' flagship bakery in Beverly Hills.

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