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NYC Map Shows Most Popular Cuisines by Neighborhood

What to Know

  • Data provided by Google users is showing the popularity of different foods throughout the country
  • The data of restaurant visits shows how pizza, Mexican and Chinese foods dominate in New York City
  • The city is the number one place in the country for visits to Chinese restaurants, while pizza is the most popular food in the tri-state

A newly released map of New York City shows the popularity of different cuisines by neighborhood.

The map (below) is part of an effort by Google News Lab and Polygraph to reveal food trends across the country based on data about restaurant visits provided by Google users. The findings were published in Medium.

The data reveals that pizza dominates taste buds in the tri-state, while sandwiches are the most popular food to eat in South Jersey.

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New York City is the number one city in the country for visits to Chinese restaurants, the data shows.

Meanwhile, the five boroughs are the 13th most caffeinated, according to a list of coffee shop visits.

Perhaps most interesting to New Yorkers is a breakdown of restaurant visits by neighborhood. Not surprisingly, pizza, Chinese, Mexican and American foods reign supreme, but Japanese food, barbecue and seafood also dot the landscape.

American food prevails in tourist-heavy midtown Manhattan, while Mexican food is popular around Elmhurst, Queens, which has a large Mexican-American community. There were also dense pockets of Chinese restaurant visits throughout Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx – possibly reflecting the popularity of Chinese takeout across the city.

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