Man Robs Connecticut Bank Twice in as Many Days, Police Say

Police are searching for a man they believed robbed the same Connecticut bank twice in just two days.

The robberies at a Chase bank on East Putnam Avenue in Greenwich were about a mile away from a Citgo gas station that police believe the man also robbed during a 48-hour crime spree.

“The guy walked in the door and he asked for the money,” gas attendant Elysha Ramin said.

Ramin was behind the register of the Citgo on Monday night when a man he described as calm came in with his face covered and showed what looked like a gun.

“He said he would not hurt me, so I give him the money as quickly as possible and then he left,” Ramin said.

The robbery took less than two minutes and the thief made off with less than $200, police said. 

About 12 hours later, on Tuesday morning, police believe the man walked into a Chase bank down the street and carried out another robbery. 

Police think the man robbed the same Chase bank again on Wednesday afternoon with the same mask and same MO. 

“Clearly this person has some level of desperation to commit three crimes of this nature one after the other,” Greenwich Police Captain Kraig Gray said.

Despite a search for the robber by a slew of law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and New York State Police, the robber managed to slip away. Now the search is on to catch him before he strikes again.

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