Nissan, Police Cruiser at Center of Stamford Crime Scene Investigation

Police were investigating at a crime scene in Stamford Thursday night, although the events that sparked the investigation are unknown.

The incident happened on Grove Street, a major road near the city’s downtown. There was an active police investigation at the scene just after 11 p.m.

Police roped off Grove Street as they investigated, and a number of police vehicles, including a crime scene unit truck, were at the scene.

The crime scene appeared to be centered on a gray Nissan Maxima and a Stamford police cruiser.

The two vehicles were stopped on Grove Street, between Broad and Forest streets, and crime scene investigators were seen taking measurements and documenting evidence. 

The Nissan had a hole in its driver-side, rear window and another hole in its back window. Orange evidence markers were placed on the ground nearby.

Police have not released any information. 

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