Donald Trump

Protesters Boo President Donald Trump as He Arrives at NYC Fundraiser

A crowd of protesters booed Saturday as President Donald Trump arrived in Manhattan for a fundraiser, one of several he was attending

The group gathered across the street from Cipriani's in midtown, where the Republican National Convention was hosting a fundraiser for Trump. 

As a motorcade drove up, the crowd loudly shouted "Boo!" 

"Environment, immigration, every type of civil liberty or right is being threatened if not destroyed," said protester Maryellen Novak. "We have to take a stand. And whenever he's in town, we're going to tell him he's not welcome."

Some held signs that read "Rise and Resist," "Tax Cuts Destroy Lives" and "The GOP is Complicit." One person dressed as the grim reaper and had the words "GOP Tax Scam" written on his scythe.

As they waited, the protesters chanted "Shame on You" and "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go."

"I think that the chanting does make a difference because when you're out on the streets and letting people know that you're that disappointed with the policies coming down from Washington, people do listen and take notice," said Justin Westbrook-Lowery, from the Bronx.

"We're letting Donald Trump know directly that we are opposed to his GOP tax bill and all of those people who will be beneficiaries of it who are in Cipriani's right now, sipping on tea and crumpets right now and all that," Westbrook-Lowery said.

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