Statue of Liberty

Campaign for Statue of Liberty Museum Asks Patrons for Very Specific $18.86 Donation

You can make a small mark on history by donating to the construction of the new Statue of Liberty Museum -- and the campaign is suggesting you donate an extremely specific amount.

The foundation behind the new renovation of the Statue of Liberty Museum has started a fundraising campaign,  titled "For Lady Liberty," to help see the museum to its completion.

Just a little over a year since the construction began, the Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation created the campaign, which will be active until August 4.

The foundation recommends that people donate $18.86, or even $19, to symbolize the year of 1886 (when the Statue of Liberty was dedicated). Patrons who donate this amount will have their name permanently recorded in the Founders Registry, which will be on display in the museum and online.

The campaign has already raised over $33,400 from 599 backers, which is only 67 percent of their $50,000 goal.

Donors will receive special perks in accordance to how much they donated, such as a t-shirt or a watch.

The museum is set to open in May 2019.

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