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Crowd Watches as 65-Year-Old Cabbie Is Beaten Over $18 Fare

What to Know

  • A cabbie was beaten by a man and woman who refused to pay the fare
  • A group of people watched as the couple punched the man in the face repeatedly Friday evening
  • Police released images of the suspects this weekend

A Bronx cabbie and father of five was beaten by a young couple over $18 as bystanders stood and watched, police said.

Humberto Taveras, 65, said he had picked up the man and woman in the Soundview neighborhood on Friday evening.

He drove them to Eighth Avenue and 153rd Street in East Harlem, where the couple refused to pay the $18 fare, Taveras said.

But the duo didn’t stop there. They repeatedly punched Taveras in the face when he asked again if they would pay, according to police.

A crowd of people at a corner stood by and watched the attack unfold, according to Jose Viloria, of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers.

“They did absolutely nothing,” Viloria said.

Police said the couple stole nothing from Taveras after beating him. The NYPD released surveillance images of the suspects this weekend.

Taveras was not seriously injured but suffered bruising to his eye.

Viloria said Taveras was just trying to earn a living and support his family. “Fine. Run. Go take the fare, but there’s no reason to beat him up.”

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