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‘You Don't Drive Away Like That': 74-Year-Old Woman Killed In Brooklyn Hit-And-Run

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A late night hit-and-run in Brooklyn ended with the death of a 74-year-old woman.

Maureen Fraser's family desperately wants answers as to what happened as people from the neighborhood are wondering if speed was a factor.

“I would say she was one of the most intelligent in the family or right up there," Maureen's younger brother, Gordon Fraser, said.

Gordon Fraser woke up to the news overnight right around the time police had East 80th Street near Avenue N blocked off.

Detectives say the mother of one, who is originally from Ghana and is the oldest of nine siblings, was trying to cross the street Wednesday around 11:19 p.m. when the driver of a white van hit her and kept going.

“If you hit somebody you are supposed to stop. At least try to get them to the hospital or something. You don’t drive away like that," Gordon said.

The flashing lights and nonstop sirens got Lescord Ferguson’s attention.

“When I came out here there was yellow tape," Ferguson, a Canarise resident, said.

He said police worked the block for hours. The longtime Canarise resident is convinced speed was a factor.

“They race it’s a race. They race," Ferguson said. "At one point they ask for speed bump. So they are going to have to do that right now. It’s too much”

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

The driver of that white van was last seen going southbound on east 80th street.

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