Vandal Wanted for Spray Painting Over 60 Cars in NYC Neighborhood

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A man wanted by the NYPD for allegedly committing a major vandalism spree through a Queens neighborhood is suspected of spray painting at least 65 cars.

Police believe the serial tagger is connected to car damage dating back two months, hitting cars back in March and striking three times in the past week. In the first two incidents, investigators said he hit 20 cars each time.

In most cases, the suspect either spray-painted an "A” or an “A” with a circle around it, or he drew a line as if he was spray-painting cars while walking past them. The man's latest spree left another eight cars damaged on Saturday, according to police.

George Lambrocos was one of several Astoria neighbors to wake up Saturday morning to find his car painted.

"This neighborhood used to be nice. There are very few of us still living here from the old time," Lambrocos said Saturday. "We're moving out because it's not good."

One neighbor said she's seen a row of cars all tagged, so she grabbed a rag and started cleaning them.

"We all look out for one another. W'eve all been living for years here, that's how it's supposed to be," she told News 4.

The NYPD has released surveillance video and photos of the man they believe to be responsible for the spree. No arrests had been announced as of Sunday.

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