CitiBike Rider Free on Bail from Previous Attack Allegedly Terrorizes NYC Woman With Gun

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Police said a man accused of carrying out a vicious street assault and robbery on a 68-year-old man was released from jail and went on to terrorize a woman with a handgun.

The NYPD is now searching for Zamori Simmons after he allegedly attacked the woman in an apartment along 93rd Avenue in Queens. Simmons, 21, allegedly threatened her with a gun and choked her while screaming he was going to kill her. After he left, the woman called 911, police said.

The alleged attack comes months after Simmons was arrested for a shocking robbery caught on tape in East New York on July 24. Video shows a 68-year-old man riding a Citibike when he was repeatedly punched and beaten by a suspect. Police later identified the suspect as Simmons, and he was charged in the assault.

"This defendant allegedly unleashed an unprovoked and violent assault on an elderly man and continued to beat and rob him as he laid unconscious," District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said at the time. "Such abhorrent and cruel behavior shocks the conscience, and we will now work to make sure that the defendant pays a steep price for his criminal actions."

Simmons was originally ordered held on $20,000 bail after his arrest and was later released.

This incident comes amid other cases where suspects are released with low or no bail. Last week on the Upper West Side, a 28 year-old man assaulted two women. The first assault happened in front of a church and a woman had some of her teeth knocked out in the assault.

A second woman was punched about a block away in another random attack. A suspect, Darrell Johnson, was later arrested. The 28-year-old had been let out previously and enrolled in a supervised release program given his past misdemeanor assault charges and mental health issues.

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