Sledgehammer Swinging Crew Hits NY Jewelry Store After Owner Goes for Coffee

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A brazen smash and grab robbery in the middle of the day earned a fast-moving crew at least $100,000 in stolen jewelry.

Wild surveillance video shows four men in masks and hoodies taking sledgehammers and a crow bar to the front window of Golden Square Jewelry off Broadway in downtown Yonkers.

The owner of the small business says the masked suspects waited, plotting the right time to optimal time to strike. He said the thieves waited outside his store until he went next door for a cup of coffee.

In the span of 90 seconds, the four-man team was able to grab high-valued chains and other jewelry from the front of the store before taking off in a dark SUV. At one point in the video, the manager of the store is seen on the other side of the glass trying to fight off the suspects.

Police caught up to the suspects and briefing pursue them until the SUV crashed into a house on Marshall Road. The men tried running, but three were eventually taken into custody.

Investigators have identified the fourth suspect and believe an additional arrest will be made soon.

Police said it's too early to tell if this crew could be connected to other recent jewelry store smash and grabs in the Bronx.

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