Queens Crime Spree: Burglar Wanted for 7 Robberies in Past Month

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A wanted criminal is suspected of robbing at least seven different homes in Queens in the span of just one month, according to the NYPD.

The man -- caught on camera at one of the homes -- is linked to one burglary dating back to Jan. 18. His most recent victim was hit on Feb. 16, police said.

Authorities say he's stolen more than $120,000 worth of valuables during that span of four weeks. His targets: empty homes in Flushing and Murray Hill.

Police released home surveillance video of the wanted man rummaging through one of the homes

“It’s a very bad feeling. We think this is a good neighborhood," one of the victims, Frank Liaw, said.

The seven crimes — occurring in roughly the same part of Eastern Queens — have gone without investigators tracking down the suspected burglar or releasing any details relating to his identity.

“I’m fine if material things are stolen as long as no one is harmed, cause that’s the most important thing. But it is a little worrying,” Jose Vazquez, who lives in the neighborhood, said Monday.

No one's been physically hurt. But all of his victims, police said, had locked their doors and most had alarm systems.

“You don’t have peace because you don’t know who - what crazy people will come out and do something. It’s changed too much," Liaw said.

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