NYPD Warns of New Scam Targeting Elderly Residents, Suspects Collecting Cash in Person

The scam artists will claim they are a relative in need of money, then will go in person to the victim's home to collect the cash — making off with as much as $ 9,000 each time

Alleged scammer caught on camera

A new group of scammers aren’t just making phone calls, they’re making house calls to target elderly victims.

The NYPD is sounding the alarm after a group has been using sob stories and posing as family members in order to get money from older residents all over the city.

According to police sources, the scam artists will call potential victims on the phone, claiming they are a relative and are in need of money. What makes this scheme different — the sinister tricksters aren’t asking their victims to wire money, which many people have already been warned is a red flag after numerous similar scams.

Instead, they are showing up to the victims’ doors to collect the money in person, which worries police officers.

“Clearly something can go wrong, someone can get hurt,” said NYPD Deputy Inspector Jessica Corey. “It’s important to get the word out so we can stop it from happening.”

Police sources said the suspects struck 15 times between January 7th and January 23rd, stealing between $3,000 and $9,000 from each of their unknowing victims. So far none of the victims have been physically assaulted, but the NYPD isn’t taking any chances wants to educate the public to prevent more from being swindled.

“Everyone should know that the NYPD, other law enforcement agencies, the courts — no one is going to call and ask you for bail money,” Corey said.

Police have released an image of a man they believe is part of the group targeting the elderly victims, pulling on their heart strings in a ploy to access their purse strings. Anyone who recognizes the man or has any information regarding the scam is asked to contact police.

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