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NY Man Convicted of Stabbing Mom 47 Times, Trying to Kill Dad After Job Loss Fight

Ian Kazer lost his Target cashier job when he was caught stealing from the retailer; he and his parents argued about it - then his dad went out to get a pizza. The nightmare unfolded as soon as he left the house

A 31-year-old Long Island man has been convicted of manslaughter for stabbing his mother 47 times, killing her, and trying to murder his father after an argument with his parents when he was fired from his job in 2019, prosecutors say.

Ian Kazer also was convicted of attempted murder, assault and grand larceny in a bench trial before Judge Angelo Deligatto, prosecutors said Thursday.

According to the indictment, Kazer was fired from his job on March 20, 2019 after stealing more than $2,500 in gift cards from a local target where he worked as a cashier. He had been stealing from the retailer throughout that month, mainly gift cards that he used to send electronics, including a TV, to his home, officials say.

Kazer initially told his parents he won a $500 gift card from work but eventually told them the truth about his March 20 firing later that day: He admitted he had been fired and given a criminal summons. The family had an argument.

They agreed to return the stolen merchandise and hire a lawyer. Kazer went back to playing video games. Later that night, Kazer's father went out to get pizza for dinner.

While he was gone, prosecutors say Kazer walked up to his mother at the kitchen table and stabbed her 47 times -- in the head, throat, chest and hands. He then took off his bloody clothing and covered his mother's body with a blanket.

Kazer attacked his father with a knife when he returned home, stabbing him in the chest. The father managed to wrestle the knife away from his son, who fled the scene wearing only his underwear.

Police caught up with Kazer about a mile from the house and took him into custody. His mother, a 66-year-old retired Queens teacher named Frances, was taken to Nassau University Medical Center and pronounced dead. His father was treated for his wounds and survived.

Kazer's lawyer had argued he was an autistic adult who suffered an emotional disturbance, according to Newsday. Prosecutors submitted each of the 47 times he stabbed his mother was intentional.

Kazer faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted. He is due back in court July 19.

The victims’ other son told NBC 4 New York at the time of the attack that his brother had trouble holding down jobs in the past. He also said, however, that his brother has no history of mental illness or violence.

“Everyone has arguments but nothing that would have indicated something like this,” the victims’ son Evan Kazer said.

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