New Jersey

Man Arrested After Trying to Bring Weapons, Ammo and Armor to NJ Coast Guard Base

The man tried bringing an illegal AK-style assault rifle, numerous high capacity magazines, many rounds of ammo and an illegal handgun

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A North Carolina man has been charged with trying to bring an assault weapon, body armor and hollow-point bullets into a U.S. Coast Guard Training Center in New Jersey.

Dustin A. Peters, 25, attempted to bring in an illegal AK-47-style assault rifle, numerous high capacity magazines, many rounds of ammunition and an illegally possessed handgun to the base in Cape May, according to investigators.

The bullets were found during a routine vehicle search, the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office said in a statement. Authorities later found the assault weapon, a handgun, body armor and many rounds of ammunition, the statement said.

It was not immediately clear why the Wilmington man had the weapons with him, but officials say it didn't appear that he planned to do anything malicious. Instead, authorities called it a likely poor use of judgement.

The Coast Guard said it did not consider Peters a threat to the center or the local community. The FBI was assisting in the case.

Peters went to the facility in Cape May to attend his wife's graduation ceremony, authorities said.

Peters was charged with a variety of weapons and other offenses. He was being held Friday at the Cape May County Jail pending a court hearing as local, county and federal authorities are all involved in the investigation. It was not immediately clear if he was represented by an attorney.

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