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Florida Man Arrested in NY After 14 Years on the Run From Police Assault Charges

William Segar was wanted in Key West on aggravated assault charges that dated to 2006

Mugshots of William Segar
Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man who spent more than 14 years on the run from charges of assaulting a police officer is in custody in New York, authorities said Wednesday.

William Segar, 56, was arrested last Friday in Northport, the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office said. He was wanted out of Monroe County, Florida on seven charges, including felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer.

Suffolk County authorities said they were reviewing outstanding warrants from around the country when they came across one for Segar and discovered his last known address was in the county.

When Monroe County officials confirmed they still wanted Segar and would extradite him if found, Suffolk investigators started tracking him down.

Segar was first arrested on the charges in May 2006. A court in Key West issued an arrest warrant in Nov. 2006, according to case data on the county clerk's website.

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