Upstate New York

Drunk Woman Arrested 106th Time After Repeatedly Calling NY Police for Hours

The 41-year-old was not calling about any emergencies, police said, but rather berated the emergency dispatcher while screaming and swearing

NBC 5 News

A woman in upstate New York was arrested again after drunkenly calling a police department and emergency responders, tying up phone lines for hours, according to police.

Christine Diliberto, of Saugerties, was arrested around 4 p.m. Saturday after her repeated calls to the Ulster County town’s police department, the police said in a release. They said it was the woman's 106th arrest since June of 2016.

Diliberto's latest arrest came roughly 36 hours after police arrested her Friday for the allegedly committing the same crime. The 41-year-old does not call about any emergencies, Saugerties Police said, but rather berates emergency dispatchers, while screaming and swearing.

After her arrest Saturday, police said Diliberto was transported for a mental health evaluation and treatment for acute alcohol poisoning.

"There is a major gap in our dismantled mental health care system that is allowing individuals suffering from substance abuse to continually slip through," police said in the release.

She was charged with a misdemeanor for obstruction of government administration in the second degree before her transport.

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