‘It Was a Prank': DoorDash Driver Denies Contaminating NYPD Cop's Food After Arrest

In the video, the delivery man could be seen sticking a note that read "Hope that **** taste good," inside a Chipotle container with his bare hands

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A DoorDash driver was arrested Thursday after a video posted to social media allegedly showed him tampering with food ordered by an NYPD officer.

Lance Layne, 30, was charged with assault on a police officer and tampering. It was not immediately clear if he had hired an attorney.

In the video, Layne was allegedly seen using his bare fingers to stick a note inside a Chipotle container, contaminating the meal. The note read "Hope that ---- taste good," giving the impression that the food might have been tampered with in other ways as well.

Police said the incident occurred sometime between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Monday. The food was brought to an officer at the 61st precinct in Brooklyn, who threw it in the trash.

The incriminating video was posted on Facebook by a user named So Certified. In the comment section, the user claimed to have been the one who put the note in the food, saying "This is a Facebook public announcement, I don't violate people food like that ... that was personal. we at war."

Layne was led out in handcuffs on Thursday from the same stationhouse where he delivered the allegedly contaminated meal. When asked by reporters if he put something in the food, Layne shouted "Definitely didn't, it was a prank."

In response to the incident, DoorDash said in a statement to NBC New York, "This behavior is absolutely unacceptable and has no place in our community. We take the trust and respect of merchants, customers, and Dashers extremely seriously. We have deactivated the Dasher and have reached out to the customer involved."

Chipotle said in a statement that the driver's actions were "inexcusable," and they have made sure the delivery partner deactivated the account.

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