600 People Busted at Super Bowl Weekend Parties in Queens, Brooklyn

Deputy sheriffs busted at least three parties across Brooklyn and Queens in the early hours of Super Bowl Sunday

Deputies broke up three early Sunday morning parties in New York City, including this one in Brooklyn
NYC Sheriffs

What to Know

  • Sheriff's deputies broke up three large parties across NYC in the early hours of Super Bowl Sunday
  • Security guards and promoters were arrested and issued tickets at nearly each party
  • In total, nearly 600 people were partying between the three locations broken up by authorities

The New York City sheriff says nearly 600 people were caught partying at a number of illicit gatherings over Super Bowl weekend in direct defiance of longstanding state and city laws that prohibit such activity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Deputy sheriffs busted at least three parties across Brooklyn and Queens in the early hours of Super Bowl Sunday, aided on several occasions by members of the NYPD.

The department's first shutdown of the evening went down at a party in Queens around 2 a.m., Sheriff Fucito said. His deputies an unlicensed bar and DJ booth playing for 165 people.

Everyone was dispersed and the department issued a fine to the security guard working the event. Fucito said no other promoters or employees were identified.

Over in Brooklyn, deputies broke up two parties with at more than 200 people in attendance at each one.

Around 3 a.m., deputy sheriffs and officers of the NYPD entered a building in Brownsville to find over 200 people.

"Many of the party goers were not wearing masks, social distancing was not possible, and most people were drinking alcohol," Fucito said, describing the scene.

The premises had no liquor license, according to authorities. A security guard, DJ and photographer were identified and arrested by the authorities and each was issued an appearance ticket and released on scene.

Also in Brooklyn, off Liberty Avenue, sheriffs busted a "member only club house" just before 3:30 a.m. Several complaints of an ongoing rave had been made, the sheriff said.

This party had roughly 230 people in attendance, drinking and dancing with "no facial coverings or space for social distancing."

Deputies arrested and issued apearance tickets two alleged promoters of the vent and a person they identified as the manager of the location.

In a tweet, the department said charges were also issued for possession of brass knuckles and an illegal knife. It was immediately clear who was facing charges.

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