4/20 NYC Weed Party Raided, More Than 40 People Busted for Breaking COVID-19 Orders

The "Ganja Pigs" event drew huge crowds to a Manhattan commercial building

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A concerned citizen alerted NYPD patrol officers to a large gathering in New York City Monday -- and what police found was a party straight out of 'Animal House' (and a violation of COVID-19 social distancing orders), a senior police official told NBC News.

NYPD officers were flagged down by a concerned citizen to what seemed like a large crowd at a West 23rd Street commercial building in Manhattan.

Inside, police say they found 40 people in the midst of a marijuana party (on April 20), hosted by a marijuana edibles company called "Ganja Pigs."

They say they found a duffel bag of marijuana at the party, as well as edibles, THC, and other paraphernalia.

In total, 38 people received summonses for unlawful trespassing and five people received summonses tied to the marijuana.

Two people had previous warrants for failing to appear for court appearances for non-violent offenses, and one person was taken to police in Brooklyn related to a previous investigation for burglary, a police official told NBC News.

Ganja Pigs could not immediately be reached for comment on the raid.

It was the second time in three days the NYPD broke up a large, illicit gathering in the city. On Saturday night police raided a gambling den in Canarsie and found more than 60 people gathered, violating the coronavirus-driven social distancing orders that have locked down the city.

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